Logbook Servicing

Every new vehicle comes with a warranty, which protects its owner from certain expenses that stem from manufacturing faults or other issues beyond the owners control.

To keep the protection of your warranty going, it’s expected that you take your vehicle to a reputable mechanic for regular scheduled logbook servicing.

We can conduct logbook servicing on all vehicles, checking them for faults that might develop into serious problems if left unresolved.

We also give a full report on any future work that may be required, giving you time to prepare.

Brake Repairs

Your brakes are your vehicles most important safety feature.  It’s also one of the areas of your vehicle most susceptible to wear and tear.

Failing to maintain your braking system can cause poor brake performance as well as increasing your maintenance costs on your vehicle.

It is important to have your brakes regularly inspected, cleaned & adjusted.

We can conduct brake repairs for all makes and models of vehicles.

We can replace worn brake pads, disc and drums, and machine the surface to your existing brake parts for longer life.

We can also check your brake hydraulics for leaks and make repairs to cable and pedals to ensure your vehicle has all the stopping power it needs.

Steering & Suspension

Your vehicles suspension is the system that minimises the bumps & vibrations for a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Your vehicles suspension takes the full force of the road, so it is prone to wear & tear.

Your vehicles suspension system is comprised of struts, springs, stabilisers, tyres, suspension arms and shock absorbers.

Our team can provide quality replacement parts for  any of your worn suspension and steering systems.

Clutch & Transmission

The transmission is a vital part of your vehicle. Servicing your transmission is crucial to the performance and reliability of your vehicle.

If you think you are having trouble finding gears when on the road, its best to bring your vehicle into our workshop so our mechanics can have a look at your transmission.  A lot of people forget to service their transmission or gearbox regularly.  This can prove to be very expensive if not maintained.

We can service and repair all manual and automatic transmissions as well as source replacement units if required.

We can also conduct repairs on your vehicles differential and CV joints, ensuring efficient and even distribution of power.

Radiators & Cooling Systems

Your vehicle requires a consistent temperature in your engine to operate at optimal efficiency.  An overeating engine can very quickly become a serious problem for your vehicle.

Regular checks on your cooling system, maintenance and a coolant flush can prevent coolant loss and overheating, which can cause internal damage to your engine.

We can provide repairs and replacement of faulty radiators, heater units, thermostats and head gaskets.

Checking your coolant levels is a part of our checklist during your regular service.  We can carry out a coolant change should your vehicle require one.

Air Conditioning

Driving in the summer can be uncomfortable without a properly functioning air conditioning system to keep your vehicles interior cool.  Its often the case that you don’t know there is a problem until you need it.

That’s where we can help.

We are ARC accredited air conditioning specialists.

We can check over and repair your air conditioning system to keep in peak condition.

Diagnostics & Auto Electrical

With vehicles becoming more sophisticated, it takes special tools of trade to keep up with the latest in electrical repairs.

We have invested in the latest scan tool and data systems, to check and diagnose any fault codes stored in your vehicle.

We can provide a range of electrical services for your vehicle, including testing and replacing batteries, alternators and starter motors.

Other Services

At SSkids Tyres & Mechanical we can offer customers a range of additional services, including:

  • Fuel sales available
  • Car trailer and towing to collect vehicles for repairs
  • On site farm service available for agricultural /Earth moving tyres
  • Chainsaw servicing, repairs & sharpening.
  • Selection of spare parts & accessories.
  • Penrite oil suppliers
  • Mower accessories
  • 4×4 fit outs
  • Air compressors and accessories

 4×4 parts and accessories

SSkids Tyres & Mechanical is now an authorised stockist & fitment centre for  4×4 parts and accessories.

Whether you are an extreme 4×4 weekend warrior, an outback lover, towing a caravan, crossing the Simpson desert or working your 4×4 hard every day, we have a wide range of 4×4 parts and accessories to fit your four wheel drive.

If its re-engineering parts to perform better for you in local conditions or introducing new innovative parts, products and accessories we have you covered.

The good news is that quality doesn’t have to brake the budget.  Big enough to deliver, but small enough to care, means that whilst we are driven by quality we are also able to deliver competitive pricing on all parts and accessories.

Come in and speak to our staff today to explore the range of 4×4 accessories available for your vehicle.